What Makes Pet Sitter Directory Different?

For the past few years we’ve been keeping an eye on the pet sitting industry and have noticed some unique flaws that nobody has filled. After years of monitoring, and a lot of direct pet sitter contact, we’ve created Pet Sitter Directory to overcome these challenges.

Challenge #1 – Getting Found Online
A large portion of pet sitters belong to one association and harbor that relationship like a “Survivor” alliance. For the associations this brand loyalty is great, but for the pet sitters and the pet owners this isn’t great. It creates a fragmented market that doesn’t give pet owners the ability to select from a complete list of qualified professionals and limits exposure to pet sitters.

Solution => Create a national directory that accepts all pet sitters and highlights those that belong to professional associations, hold certifications, etc.

Challenge #2 – Lack of Leads/Traffic
Most online marketing (directory listings, sitter websites, etc) is not optimized for search engines, but search engines are the key to introducing your business to NEW customers. This lack of optimization yields very little (if any) search placement. So most online marketing taking place today is worthless.

Solution => Search engine optimized listings that drive traffic and leads to every city and zip code in the US. Pet Sitter Directory currently submits over 80,000 URLs to search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) every day.

Challenge #3 – Positioning
For years we’ve heard of sitters losing jobs to the cheaper kid down the street. When a professional loses business to a less expensive competitor, there are really only two reasons why.

  1. Market is wrong – Some people will always look for the cheapest price. These people make for bad customers because there’s always a competitor that will undercut price to get business. The solution is to do a better job of defining your target market.
  2. Value – If you’re being compared to the kid down the street, you haven’t explained the value of your services as a professional pet sitter.

SOLUTION => We are creating content that will educate pet owners on why they should do business with professionals instead of the kid down the street. By increasing awareness of the value of a professional pet sitter, the issue of price will diminish and bring higher quality clients to our sitters.

As you can see, by responding to each of these challenges we have created a site that:

  • Educates pet owners on why they need professional pet sitters.
  • Generates more traffic and leads for pet sitters.
  • Allows pet owners the opportunity to see the best pet sitters in one place.

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