Effective Local Marketing for Pet Professionals With Co-Authors of ‘Wildly Profitable Marketing for the Pet Industry’, Pam Foster and C S Wurzberger

With so many free marketing tools out there, it doesn’t take a huge budget to promote your business. But with great marketing, comes great overwhelm!

Far too many pet professionals are getting stuck and don’t know how to go about marketing their business. Or even worse, they split up their time between 900 channels, when they could be working on more important things, like improving their business.

That’s why we sat down with pet industry marketing specialists, Pam Foster and C S Wurzberger. As co-authors of the book Wildly Profitable Marketing for the Pet Industry, Pam and C S are on a mission to help pet businesses of all sizes thrive. We were lucky enough to talk with these two pet industry veterans about how pet professionals can utilize online and offline marketing to grow their business, no matter the economic climate.

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