Why Hire A Professional Pet Sitter?

Why Hire A Pet Sitter

Going away and Fido or Felix can’t come along?

Just leave your pet in a kennel or veterinarian boarding facility to be surrounded by barking dogs and cold metal cages. If that brings tears to your eyes just thinking about it, you may want to consider hiring a professional pet sitter instead.

A pet sitter will be able to provide care, meals, medication and playtime in the comfort of your own home. Many pet owners have found this a much better alternative for a number of reasons.

Less Stressful

An owner being gone is stressful enough for pets. Add on the stress of being in a strange place with a different routine, and that may be too overwhelming for pets. Hiring a pet sitter allows your pet to be in their own home with sights and smells they’re comfortable with.

Your pet will be the focus of attention with visits, instead of fighting for the attention of a kennel attendant. Your pet sitter will be able to stick to your pet’s regular routine, which will make your absence much more bearable.


Which is better? Coming straight home from a long day of traveling to an affectionate pet or rushing home from the airport only to get to the kennel after they close and having to spend another night away from your pet?

Most pet owners would agree that seeing those adorable puppy eyes light up is much better than getting a speeding ticket in vain.

The convenience of having a pet sitter visit your home is one of the top reasons pet owners pick pet sitters over kennels. Say bye bye to running around town and digging around your home for vaccination documents at the last minute.

Peace Of Mind

If you’re leaving home for more than a couple of days, thinking about if that shady neighbor with all the gold watches saw you leave with a suitcase, can drive you crazy.

By hiring a pet sitter you’re not only hiring a pet caretaker. You’re hiring someone to keep an eye on your home. Just having someone park their car in the driveway will scare away any shady folks. Pet sitters can also rotate blinds, turn on and off lights and make other minor changes so it appears as if someone is home.

But Wait, There’s More!

These are merely a couple reasons pets and their owners love professional pet sitters. Once you and your pet forge a relationship with the perfect pet sitter, you’ll never even consider a kennel ever again.

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