Website Strategies

Improve Your Website With These 4 Questions

Tuesday, Nov 20th, 2012

As a pet sitter, your website is crucial to your business. It allows pet owners to figure out if you and your business are a good match for them, generally making a decision on a gut feeling. If your website … Read more »

Ideal Pet Sitter Client

How To Be Your Pet Sitter’s Favorite Client

Friday, Nov 16th, 2012

You’ve finally done it! You’ve found the pet sitter of your dreams. Now that you have someone to put the sparkle back into your pet’s eyes when you’re away, how do you hang on to them? There are things you … Read more »

Hiring The Right Pet Sitter

Friday, Nov 16th, 2012

I see a lot of ads on craigslist for pet sitters and I think about what is written and how they are conveying their message. If I was looking to hire a caregiver for my pets, I would not choose … Read more »

Why Hire A Pet Sitter

Why Hire A Professional Pet Sitter?

Thursday, Nov 15th, 2012

Going away and Fido or Felix can’t come along? Just leave your pet in a kennel or veterinarian boarding facility to be surrounded by barking dogs and cold metal cages. If that brings tears to your eyes just thinking about … Read more »

Pet Sitter House Prep

How To Prepare Your Home For A Pet Sitter Visit

Tuesday, Nov 13th, 2012

You’re going out of town for a luxurious Hawaiian vacation. You were lucky enough to land the purrfect pet sitter that you and your pets adore. Sounds like you’re ready to jet off. But before you pack your bags and … Read more »